The Moon In You

"Emotions and periods in a beautiful, natural way rather than purely scientific." 
Shannon Routhier, Mama

There are so many things to figure out when it comes to coming of age…

Are you afraid of your daughter seeing menstruation as "icky" bleeding, shrouded in mystery? Will she feel like her body is outside of her control, or worse—something to be ASHAMED of?

Do you feel like you can't articulate everything she needs to know on your own?

Does the idea of your daughter dealing with cramps, moodiness, headaches, and feeling alienated make your heart hurt and your head spin with overwhelm?

Let me help you walk her through it all… in a healthy, positive light.

We will cover:

  • Both physical and invisible bodily changes to expect
  • How these changes might affect her, so she won't be caught by surprise
  • Treating unwanted symptoms naturally
  • How to make decisions that are right for her
  • Practical considerations, including:
  • Choosing a deodorant appropriate for your daughter
  • Bras and how to pick the most comfortable one
  • Sexuality basics
  • How to clean bloodstains

To entertain and help your daughter understand everything listed above, we’ve weaved in:

  • intuitive analogies
  • vibrant illustrations
  • colorful, relatable stories

In addition, we’ve included no-brainer recipes to:

  • Minimize bloating, excessive bleeding, PMS-related mood swings, breast tenderness, hormone-induced acne
  • Promote period regularity (keeping it predictable and trackable to avoid potentially embarrassing erratic spotting)
  • Alleviate cramps, tension, headaches, persistent fatigue, stress, and anemia
  • Balance hormone production to regulate metabolism, growth, development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood
  • Strengthen reproductive organs - Protect those far-off future grandbabies! 😉