The Moon In You is overflowing with period love. Period love for you, period love for your daughter, period love. Enough period love to evaporate the shame that might still be tinkling around down there in your body somewhere. We want to blast it out, and here’s how: read the book, put the book on your table so you can see it, flip through the pages, give the book to someone that you love, notice the beautiful period loving pictures, and let it all go in. Flip to the next page. Then start this process again. Sure it might hurt to pick it up and peel back a page, but no pain no gain, right? This entire book is a period love poem for your period. Let it in and watch the love grow and grow until you can see the change. Period love never felt so dang good. 

The Moon In You

The Moon In You is a period love book for girls. This book shows a little girl of about 8, naked and happy beside what looks like her own vagina portal— but is actually a flower. It takes a look inside her, and the flower, showing what the reproductive anatomy of both look like—they look like each other. Throughout the book we watch as they both open up and show their beauty, what is deep inside both of them. We blast away shame by reminding readers of their nature and innate beauty—The Moon In You.


The idea for this book started on Salt Spring Island. I had started and run and online women’s sexuality magazine entitled Lover in Toronto, part one of my love story, hoping for more love to pour through my body and into the pages, to allow women to feel the love in sex and their bodies, and the love I had for them, but something needed healing, it was me, a new evolution. So my daughter and I packed our bags, gave everything away, and went to retreat on Salt Spring Island. The process of birthing this book was through healing from my own pain of molestation and silence. Every day I spent researching about the female reproductive system I healed. I spoke up more and shared my experiences, I healed. I pulled back layer after layer and lay bare. Beneath it all was love, love I had for myself that was hiding under the callous of misinformation throw out like garbage at me in the name of public education. Of teachings that had brought shame to reside in my body. I sat in prayer and meditation until the spell was lifted, and I had lifted it with the love I had been directing to my womb. I wrote this as a love song to the womb, the place of birth, of creativity, and of love. A girls first book to open her up to a loving relationship with their period.


Alexandria King is a mother and new age teacher supporting women and girls to look at their body with a new perspective--of healing. Shedding light on what was once dark, illuminating the beautiful.


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