The Secret
and Magic
of Blood
 and Womanhood

A Companion Course to The Moon In You

What if "the period talk" was something you looked forward to having?

Period. Menstruation. Aunt Flo. Moon time.

It’s a subject that many families don’t know how to broach with their daughters. 

You want to help your daughter understand the changes that are happening in her body. To embrace this change with joy, not shame or discomfort.

To find the beauty in puberty and to learn to love her moon. 

The problem is, the subject of periods still carries a stigma for lots of people. School-based sex ed doesn’t talk about it in depth. And it’s a topic many parents still aren’t comfortable talking about—especially not with their kids. 

What if you had another mom in your corner who could walk you through the subject in a positive, encouraging way?

I’m Alexandria and I want to help you talk to your daughter about her period. My mission is to bring healing and light to the female experience—that includes the transition into puberty...

It takes a community to raise our girls

(and sometimes videos, too)

The Secret and Magic of Blood and Womanhood is a 10-week video course for girls and their parents. A companion to The Moon In You: A period book for girls, which hit the Amazon Hot New Releases the second day it was released, book reviewers are calling it "The book they wish they had as a girl," this course will guide parents and daughters through a discussion of the changes that happen when you begin menstruating. 

This course includes:

10 self-paced videos for parents and daughters to take you through each chapter of The Moon In You: A period book for girls. Shedding light on what was once dark, we aim to see our bodies through the lens of love.

'How to talk to your daughter about her period' video for parents

Digital work-pages to work alongside each class

After completing the course, your daughter will:

  • Understand the basics about menstruation and the changes that happen in her body
  • Be comfortable having more honest conversations about periods with her friends and caregivers
  • Understand her options for period hygiene
  • Approach her period with a sense of curiosity and empowerment
  •  Learn about natural remedies for the symptoms that accompany menstruation
  • Feel confident about this first step into adolescence.

Your Teacher

Alexandria King, author of The Moon In You: A period book for girls. Your daughters feminine health and wisdom teacher. Herbal maker with years of healing the feminine wound, and shedding light on what was once dark. 

Your Weekly Class Schedule

Here are brief descriptions of our weekly classes.
The weeks don't align with the book completely but everything in the book is covered.

“Welcome to the program, let’s get comfortable.”

“The Changes”

“The vulva and reproductive system”


“The vulva and reproductive system”

“Look at all the options to of period stuff to use on your period, from disposable to reusable”

“Taking a look at the use of herbal medicine to help balance your hormones”

“Going further with sex, we show the sexual organs of plants and talk about sex and feelings”

“Your first cycle is is the opening into potential pregnancy. Here we open up the conversation.”

“The cycle is completed with birth.”

All Your Answers

Q-Does she have to have had her period already?   

A-No. She can take this course before her cycle to prepare her, or while she's already started her cycle. Learning about your moon time is ongoing and she can jump it whenever it suits her.

Q-Does she have to have some knowledge of the moon, or periods, first?

A- Nope. This is a good beginner class and also has something for everyone no matter what stage of learning they're at or no matter how comfortable they are in their body.

Q- Can I do this course with her?

A- Yep. You can both watch the videos together and use it to start conversation from a mutual base. Ask her questions!

It's the period class you wish you'd had growing up

Class is open for registration.

$70 USD

With the help of The Moon In You, you can guide your daughter through this beautiful life transition—

with zero cringing from either of you.

  • Lifetime access for students
  • Worksheets to go with every video
  • Support for families

Money Back Guarantee

We're doing our best to offer you loving classes, but if you don't feel satisfied we will offer you a refund within 30 days. Send us a message and we'll be sure to refund your money right away.