Alexandria King

I do two main things in my business:

1) Help mother figures (like you!) communicate openly with their daughters.

2) Advocate for the health and welfare of young women.


  • has been featured on Toronto's City TV for raising sexually healthy children
  • presented at the Guelph Sexuality Conference alongside Kim Martyn for counselling young people
  • designed and wrote for Yo Mama, a magazine written by teen mums for teen mums
  • started Canada's first women's sexuality magazine, Lover

...but the one thing she is most proud of is loving her daughter, and the open line of communication they've established.

"I can't believe we weren't always this open," Alexandria says about her and her daughter.

Growing up Alexandria had many feelings but none she knew how to express. This left her vulnerable and unprotected.

To feel safe she needed to know more about her body and how to speak about it.

"When we don't talk about these things, we don't have power over our own body and we are constantly giving our power up - we don't know how or why not to."

To heal from her own childhood sexual trauma, Alexandria had to go inward in a world that was asking her to come out. 

She gave up all her things, and moved across the country with her daughter into a little cabin nearly off grid, and began to undo the trauma, unlearn about her reproductive anatomy, looking intuitively into her body and speaking to it.

But the most transformative insight she received was that she doesn't need to be completely healed to communicate with her daughter about sexuality and womanhood.

Through researching, intuiting and writing The Moon In You and creating its corresponding e-course The Secret and Magic of Blood and Womanhood, Alexandria found the means to feel less awkward around the communication of womanhood, menstruation and female sexuality. 

The effect she's had on other women are similar, as mothers gained the vocabulary and understanding to have more complex, vulnerable conversations with their own daughters.  

Working with Alexandria is a shortcut to experiencing the same relationship transformation she has undergone:

"There's no more wedge of discomfort.”

"We share everything all the time now. Overshare, for sure!"

Fun Facts About Alexandria

  • Favorite book: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  • Guilty pleasures: Starbucks, binge-watching Netflix
  • Story to tell at cocktail parties: She was almost eaten by cougars once!
  • Hidden talents: Talking to dead people, indigenous beadwork
  • Alternate universe career path: She was once tempted to become a vigilante to incriminate sexual predators, before ultimately deciding to take a more positive approach to helping to promote and protect young women and children.

Little Red's Libraries

I have a vision to create tiny libraries—Little Red’s Libraries that can stand in bookstores and schools containing sacred feminine wisdom for girls. A young woman’s studies program full of online programs and offerings as well as physical books and products.

This library isn’t just for girls though, it’s for anyone who needs a modern day rite of passage; whether that is a mother, woman, daughter, sister, or anyone that hasn’t received this wisdom and is still in need of it. The library is a celebration all by itself.