Author Of 

The Moon In You

A New Age Period 

Book For Girls

The Moon In You

'The Moon In You' is the mother of all period books. If you’re preparing for your first period or if you've already had it, your secret garden should be no secret to you. In this book you will learn about nature—‘The Moon In You.’ You will learn about the magic of women and be guided to use your feelings. From 'how-to clean bloodstains' to 'period plant medicine,' from girlhood into womanhood, this book is period magic!

​Little Red Libraries

I have a vision to create tiny libraries—Little Red’s Libraries that can stand in bookstores and schools containing sacred feminine wisdom for girls. A young woman’s studies program full of online programs and offerings as well as physical books and products.
This library isn’t just for girls though, it’s for anyone who needs a modern day rite of passage; whether that is a mother, woman, daughter, sister, or anyone that hasn’t received this wisdom and is still in need of it. The library is a celebration all by itself.

Alexandria King

She's all heart—Alexandria came to this life with an innate knowing of her life's path, that she and all women are works of art, and that together we are more. She knows that when women gather they use their strengths combined to make peace on earth. She spent the majority of her twenties in coffee shops sharing and collecting stories with other women, learning to heal together, and rise together. While the big city was moving fast, she was connecting deeply, and soulfully with other women, gaining information she would one-day use.