I'm here to start the

puberty talk with your 

daughter in a loving way,

so you can fully support

and connect with her


the weirdness. 

Transform puberty from awkward to awe-inspiring with The Moon In You

There are so many things to figure out when it comes to coming of age...

Are you afraid of your daughter seeing menstruation as "icky" bleeding, shrouded in mystery? Will she feel like her body is outside of her control, or worse - something to be ashamed of?

Do you feel like you can't articulate everything she needs to know on your own?

Does the idea of your daughter dealing with cramps, moodiness, headaches, and feeling alienated make your heart hurt and your head spin with overwhelm?

Let me help you walk her through it all...in a healthy, positive light.

The Moon In You Reception

"Alexandria King's voice is honest and knowledgable--you hear her as someone who has gone through the process and wants for you the absolute best experience when it is your time to become a woman."
Jane Albo, Mama

"This book is easy to read with a gentle approach and is beautifully illustrated by the author's own daughter!" 
Jaime Murdoch, Teacher

"Emotions and periods in a beautiful, natural way rather than purely scientific." 
Shannon Routhier, Mama

Alexandria King, "She's all heart!"

I do two main things in Little Red's: 

1) Help mother figures (like you!) communicate openly with their daughters.

2) Advocate for the health and welfare of young women.